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Good Learning Behaviours

A List of Good Learning Behaviours


  1. Checks personal comprehension for instruction and material.  Requests further information if needed.  Tells the teacher what they don’t understand
  2. Seeks reasons for aspects of the work at hand.
  3. Plans a general strategy before starting.
  4. Anticipates and predicts possible outcomes.
  5. Does not stay stuck, but pro-actively seeks to sort out what to do.
  6. Checks teacher’s work for errors; offers corrections.
  7. Offers or seeks links between:
    1. Different activities and ideas
    2. Different topics or subjects
    3. Schoolwork and personal life
  8. Searches for weaknesses in their own understandings; checks the consistency of their explanations across different situations.
  9. Suggests new activities and alternative procedures.
  10. Challenges the text or an answer the teacher sanctions as correct.
  11. Offers ideas, new insights and alternative explanations.
  12. Justifies opinions.
  13. Reacts and refers to comments of other students.